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See how eyemate® works

eyemate® measures
intraocular pressure

eyemate® enables you to measure your intraocular pressure quickly and reliably:
You activate the eyemate® reader and simply hold it in front of your eye with the implanted eyemate® sensor.
This non-contact measuring process takes only a few seconds and can be repeated as often as you wish. Each value is displayed on your reader and stored on it automatically.
eyemate® is a CE certified
medical device.

eyemate® for improved
glaucoma management

How the pressure
sensor works

The heart of the eyemate® system is a small pressure sensor. This micro-sensor for intraocular pressure measurement is hermetically embedded in a soft, biocompatible material for long-term medical implants. All materials used are of high quality and are strictly controlled. The eyemate® pressure sensor is implanted during cataract surgery and remains permanently in the eye as does the artificial lens.

This is how the
reader works

The eyemate® reader measures and records your intraocular pressure within a few seconds. Switch on the reader and hold it briefly in front of your eye. After receiving the measurement and saving the data, the eyemate® reader and pressure sensor turn immediately back into sleeping mode. Both are inactive until you take the next measurement.

How data transfer to the
doctor's practice works

Due to the values transmitted by eyemate®, your physician receives – complementary to the measurements in the doctor's office - a much more comprehensive picture of the progression of your disease and the success of your treatment.

Pressure fluctuations during the day can now be recorded, as can sudden increases in pressure which may require immediate adaptation of glaucoma therapy.

Access via App

A smartphone application is currently under development. It will give you as a patient access to the measurement data at any time. You may then view the pressure curve and observe your pressure history. This application can be used to communicate with your treating physician.
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eyemate® is CE certified for use in open-angle glaucoma patients during cataract surgery and for patients undergoing Boston Keratoprosthesis (KPro) surgery.
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