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Ms. G. Müller;
eyemate-IO Operation 2016
University Eye Clinic Tübingen

Good morning Mrs. Mueller, can you tell us something about the operation where you received the eyemate sensor?
The operation took place already in 2016 and I didn't notice anything about the operation itself, which was carried out under general anesthesia. Afterwards I found everything to be fine myself, I had no problems with vision or pain. I was satisfied from the start.

Has your understanding of the disease changed with eyemate?
I have had glaucoma for a long time, so I had a good understanding of the disease before. The doctors in Tuebingen have always pointed out how important it is to use eye drops regularly, so I was already sensitised.

Why don't you tell us how it came about that you had the sensor implanted.
I have been going to the University Hospital of Tuebingen for years to see the glaucoma specialists and one day I saw the poster with eyemate and asked specifically about it. Prof. Spitzer then said that I fulfilled all the conditions and could participate in the study. I then had a detailed consultation and was informed about the risks of the operation and then decided to participate.

How do you use the eyemate?
Well, I measure my intraocular pressure four times a day and always carry the reader with me in my handbag. I get along with it very well. I write down the values so I don't forget anything and if the pressure is very high, I adjust my eye drops.

Does eyemate give you more confidence in dealing with your glaucoma?
Yes, definitely. That is the advantage that you can measure yourself and have control over the values. And that you can react early if necessary.

Would you recommend the eyemate system to other patients with glaucoma?
Yes, I think it is very useful because you know and can control your intraocular pressure yourself. I am happy with the eyemate.

So would you do it again?
Yes, definitely.

Thank you very much for the interview!
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